The Breastfeeding Meat Eater

The Breastfeeding Meat Eater



All of the snacks in our line up in one box. The Original Mama Hungry Snack Box plus a package of the Stork and Dove Booby Boons Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies and a package of the McLean’s Meats Teriyaki Beef Jerky.

There is NO better way to shower new parents (or yourself) than with a curated box of Canadian made snacks to fuel those first long nights with a new babe than with this fully loaded snack box. Nobody needs 100 0-3m baby onesies or 25 bibs… get or gift something that you know will get used and will care for the person who just spent 9 months baking a baby!

The snacks included in The Breastfeeding Meat Eater Mama Hungry Snack Box are:

Booby Boons Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies 168g

McLean Beef Jerky Teriyaki Flavour 50g

Prana Organic Annapurna Almond-Goji-Cranberry Mix 150g

Naked Snacks Hearty Tamari 130g

Made Good Chocolate Chip Granola Minis 100g

Three Farmer Pea Pops 90g

Solo Energy Bar 2 x 50g

Gorp Energy Bar 65g

Smart Sweets Gummy Bears 50g

Nagi Makaroons 50g

Made Good Vanilla Crispy Square 2 x 22g

Freeyumm Honey Hemp & Seed Bars

*at times there may be substitutions if either of the listed snacks is unavailable. Substituted snacks will be equal in value and serving size to the original item. Every effort will be made to note changes above in the listed snacks as changes occur so that you see the list of snacks in the box that you are purchasing.

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