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Before the arrival of baby Finley, in July 2017, Mama Hungry Founder Lacey Haskell prepared two bedside baskets of snacks for her and Chris's nightstands. Stuffed with favourite snacks that would help to fuel them through the nights ahead with a new baby... their first!

Finely arrived on July 11, 2017 - a whopping 4lbs 12oz and was taken immediately into the NICU where he had his first skin to skin time with daddy until mama arrived. Lacey and Chris's long time friend, and recovery nurse, pushed Lacey's bed straight from the recovery room into the NICU.

Finley resided in the South Health Campus NICU for the first 8 days of his life. Lacey and Chris spent 18+ hours a day at the hospital with Finley but the NICU nurses sent them home at night with orders to rest up.

Determined to breastfeed, and with the support of Chris, the NICU nurses, and their darling Doula, Lacey worked around the clock. Nursing and pumping every three hours in the hospital and pumping every three hours throughout the night to establish her supply until Finley's was given the clear to head home... THOSE BASKETS OF BEDSIDE SNACKS CAME IN HANDY! 

Having a new baby is tiring and postpartum Lacey was a hungry hungry hippo {her words!} around the clock! A large selection of quality snacks within arms reach was a lifesaver... even now 15 months in bedside snacks are still coming in handy during snuggly baby naps while a teething Finley is nursing like a newborn.


Curating Snacks... someone has to taste them all


After months of hunting {and snacking} Lacey has turned up the best bedside snacks for mamas (and papas too!) with add ons for meat lovers, and breastfeeders! And all of the snacks are made right here in Canada

Having quit her day job gig once maternity leave was up, Lacey spends her days encouraging her curious little human as he explores the world around him. And now that he's walking… errr running and "helpful," sweet Finley will be helping pack the snack boxes for all the new parents.